Russian gambling market perspectives from 3Snet

15 July 2021

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The gambling industry is one of the most fast-growing types of entertainment in the world. But what stands in its way is excessive regimentation as well as complicated regulations. How to figure them all out?

No matter how well known some gambling industry regulations are, they often remain unclear to the market players. 3Snet has presented some information about business peculiarities of the gambling industry in Russia.

Did you know that:
  • Casino organizing is prohibited in Russia, even thought the official ban does not apply to gambling activities that are legal in other countries. This means that online gambling for Russian citizens is legal.
  • Online bookmaker’s offices and betting terminals are also legal in Russia. Find out the difference between the legislative norms applying to betting from those applying to casinos.
  • Self-exclusion is something that may be introduced in Russia by court order. Is that the first step towards the gambling industry development in the country? It is something to pay attention to.

You can also find out:
  • what laws regulate Russian gambling market;
  • what gambling games are legal in Russia;
  • how the Russian government deals with illegal casinos.

The Russian gambling industry is quite a promising niche that is undergoing some changes. As soon as these changes are introduced, there will be potential for business development. Follow a hashtag #reviews in our blog to stay up to date with the latest world market news.

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