Libertex's 10 ways to share affiliate links

7 November 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Libertex Affiliates gives an overview of affiliate links and tell you how these links are a great way to make money with your blog.

What are affiliate links, actually?
An affiliate link is a link to a web page that has been encoded with a tracking cookie. This cookie is responsible for recording a purchase you do after clicking on the respective link. The website on which you bought something tracks the dollars spent for those purchases and assigns them to those unique codes. The "owner" of these codes then receives a commission for referring which led to a sale. In general, this process is called affiliate marketing.

Two things that you should already know at this point:
  • No one except the website where you buy something can view your personal information.
  • There are no additional costs for you.

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a system by which advertisers (e-commerce or service providers) can network with affiliates who promote their products. Through affiliate marketing, sellers increase the number of sales and affiliates receive commissions for all generated sales.

Can you really earn money thanks to the various affiliate programs? Well, yes and no; you can certainly make money with affiliate marketing – but whether you make money or not depends on many other factors such as your dedication, experience, website traffic etc.

Are all affiliate links the same?
No. Each website has its own affiliate program, and these programs have all been set up differently. Some cookies have been set to record only purchases for the initial click, while some cookies record all sales over a period of several days, weeks or months. The commission rate is different for each program. So, if you want to get the maximum profit, you will need to pick the right affiliate program. There are thousands of affiliate programs on the market. However, not all programs are the same. Some are significantly more profitable than others and offer you a bigger potential profit. We have already written a detailed article about choosing a profitable niche that clearly shows that Forex is currently the most profitable niche. Therefore, we advise you to consider this. As the revenue in this industry is very high, Libertex Affiliates offers its partners the highest payments for each trader.

Why are there affiliate links at all?
Because it is a win-win situation. Thanks to an affiliate program, the respective websites benefit from more advertisements that they do not have to pay for until they have actually sold something or otherwise profited from the advertisement. The provider’s name, logo or website is seen more frequently by more eyes, and this type of advertising is more effective because it is based on a personal recommendation.

It is also a win-win situation for bloggers who want to generate a passive income to earn some extra money. There are bloggers out there who earn a full-time income from their blogs, but also have to work full-time for it. In the beginning there can be even a lot of overtime necessary. The benefit that most people see in it is the flexibility of being at home with their family and defining their own working hours.

How much money can you earn with affiliate links?
Fact is, that you can earn money with affiliate links. How much you can earn depends on many factors. But the important thing is that you choose your niche correctly, once you have a basic idea of how to set up a niche.

A niche is what your website content will be based on. It is this content with which you will eventually make money.

Choosing your niche is the first factor that determines how much money you will earn as an affiliate. There are several things you should keep in mind. We recommend that you take a closer look at the forex affiliate program. More information about choosing a niche you can find in our article “How to choose your niche." Nowadays, Forex affiliate programs offer the biggest rewards for their affiliates. The Libertex affiliate program offers its partners a $450 payment for each trader involved. This is the most profitable offer in the forex market for affiliate programs. Here you can find out more about the Libertex payment plan.

10 ways to share and distribute your affiliate links
In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, people must really click on their links. Without a link with your affiliate tag, every action a user takes is worthless for you. With such a tag, however things lock quite different. So, what you need to do is to find places where you can share your affiliate links in order to generate more traffic.

Keep in mind that your own website is usually the best way to promote affiliate products. You can read in this article how to create your own website. All those ideas complement each other at best. Before you post any links, it is best to check the terms of use for each website to make sure that affiliate links do not violate the rules.

1. A Facebook page
A corporate page on Facebook may not sound like the right step for an affiliate marketer in the early stages of their job. However, this is the perfect choice if you have already built a website, a small community, a mailing list and a brand.

2. Posts on Google+ and within groups
Google+ appeals to a primarily technology-focused audience. However, the platform has been greatly expanded over the years, so you will find as many and as diverse content in this portal as on Facebook. Affiliate links have found their home as part of the organic posts on this website.

3. Hashtag conversations on Twitter
It is easy to post something on Twitter. However, if you did not use any hashtags, your post will be barely seen. So, do some research, find some interesting hashtags and get involved in the conversation.

4. Pins at Pinterest
Pinterest is a very good resource that appeals to a primarily female audience which is interested in crafts, art and design. You can attract some very interested followers by promoting your offers in the right way on this website.

5. Videos and comments on YouTube
Do a quick YouTube search for your offer and the chances are quite good that you will find a bunch of videos from people trying to promote this offer. Many of them will be based on the same template and will be anything but inspiring. Create a better video and promote it. Then you will become increasingly important and your video will be one of the best in each industry.

6. Blog comments
By adding valuable and insightful comments to blog posts, you can also include a link to a post on your website. Avoid working directly with affiliate links as they look like spam and are therefore often intercepted and blocked by a blog spam filter.

7. A mailing list
By creating your own mailing list, you can provide content and affiliate offers to interested readers who have signed up for your newsletters through your landing page.

8. Advertising on Google
Google offers you worse exposure, but more exposure than Facebook. Besides, there are no direct rules against affiliate links. Rather, Google has announced that you are subject to the rules of the affiliate partners themselves, which often prohibit you from using ads on Google to promote their products. This is usually because the company itself works with ads on Google and does not want your ads getting in the way of the company.

9. Advertising on Facebook
When advertising on Facebook, affiliate links are allowed. However, it must be decent links and you must follow all other rules regarding images and copyright. It is often easier to just point to your website where the affiliate links are located. Facebook’s huge audience is a blessing – as is the targeted orientation of the platform.

10. Question and Answer pages
Services for question/answer pages are always available for commenting with a link. The advantage is that you can select the most interesting audience and answer a specific question about the product or service you are promoting. However, you should not include a mere affiliate link in your comments. Find the questions where your affiliate link posts are the right answer to it and link them accordingly.

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