Customer wins 500th auction on Bidibot

30 December 2010

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- user, Richard Ellis (known on the site as "rje8686") has just celebrated his 500th auction win this festive season; recording a profit of over $20,000 in just a matter of months. This represents another major milestone for the new penny auction site just weeks after reporting a prize tally to date of over $250,000.

Ellis - a 24 year-old professional poker player from Exeter - spends between one and two hours a day on the site, bidding on all manner of items, from poker auctions like Betfair Poker credits to Games Consoles to live poker tournament entries. On average he has saved 60% off the RRP of these auction items, including a GUKPT seat worth $1,700.

Employing his considerable poker skills (Richard recently won $49,000 at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas) Ellis believes that there's a lot more skill to bidding than people think. "You always have to bid with a plan so that you don't end up in tricky situations later on. I generally set the bot and let it run; I find it's the most effective way to put pressure on other bidders."

Richard also says he gets an edge over other bidders by playing mind games with them. "As soon as I start bidding I will almost never back down. The site is all about reputation and image, and making people scared to bid against me in the future!"

As for anyone who suggests Richard has just 'got lucky'… "It's clear that after winning 500 auctions on Bidibot that it's more than just luck that's enabled me to win so much. People often bid recklessly and waste bids. They also bid at incorrect times and don't pay attention to betting patterns. I'm not the only person who's won lots on Bidibot; a couple of my friends are doing extremely well from the site also."

Bidibot not only gives its players value but offers the fun and entertainment of the penny auction process. "Even if you don't normally look for added value, Bidibot is still great fun as an auction. New players get 10 free bids just for registering, that's how confident we are in our product!" continued Tabatabai.

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