3Snet launches series of informative gaming regulation blog posts

12 May 2021

3Snet inaugurates publication of materials on arbitration in different countries.

How do you manage your traffic effectively and earn even more money and even faster?

For example, how do you work without bans and locks. It is easier if you know what rules you should use to advertise gambling in a particular country. Recently, news feeds have been crammed with messages from different countries. All over the world, officials are setting control for gambling.

New laws, rules, restrictions and permits for starting the casino are massive; how to understand all this?

To help you, 3Snet is publishing a series of articles on gambling regulation in different countries of the world.

Did you know that:

In the U.S., each state has the right to introduce its own laws. On the one hand, this leads to a lot of confusion. On the other hand, there is a huge variety of possibilities! And the best news is that there are more and more people who agitate for gambling legitimation and profiteering on it!

In Spain, a Royal Decree on Advertising has come into effect. It is very clear and simple. It step-by-step stipulates legal and outlaw points. Just do what you're allowed to do!

In Slovenia, the current situation is unique: only local operators must obtain a license. As for foreign ones, they can work under any license or without it at all! Isn't this heavenly?

In Slovakia, where the population has been playing for a long time, the authorities have resolutely taken up legalization. And the first thing they did was accommodation of foreign operators! Get documents and earn money! Who will be the first to win the market!

These and other interesting and useful facts can be found on our Blog. Follow our news; in the near future, you will find reviews on the markets of Germany, Vietnam, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria!

Check our blog and click on the "Review" tag to view our latest articles.

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