Celtic Casino upgrades software package

30 December 2009

(PRESS RELEASE) -- When CelticCasino.com hears feedback from their players, they act on it. While they have been one of the leaders in the online casino niche since the very first day they went live, they continue to improve to set the mark for other online casinos to follow. Their new software package makes them the elite casino on the Internet.

One of the biggest complaints that has come from players is the fact that the screen areas that are actually used for the online play are often too small to actually see. To truly experience the look and feel of the casino, CelticCasino.com now features a full screen option that no other online casino offers. This adds an excitement level to the game that has to be seen to be believed.

In addition to the full screen video that is now available, CelticCasino.com has also upgraded their live roulette game to feature a full history. Previously, players would have had to track their play (as most casinos do), but CelticCasino.com now makes roulette easier for their players and does all the work for them. At any time during a session, a player can easily click into their history and see every number that has hit. For those that believe in sequence playing, this will be an invaluable tool.

CelticCasino.com has also just introduced Live Blackjack with Early Payout® V2.0 that is a significant upgrade over version one. The player will now have much more control over their hands and this will significantly increase their enjoyment of playing live dealer blackjack at CelticCasino.com.

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