7Red launches live dealers

24 January 2014

(PRESS RELEASE) -- 7Red’s new Live Casino is a brilliant mix of real-life casino and the convenience of your own home. If you thought that online live casino was just gambling through the lens of the camera, then you’re in for a surprise, because the designers have woven electronically displayed statistics and gaming information on your screen with the experience of being right in front of the dealer, in full view of the casino behind her.

The dealers are attractive, professional and in eye contact with the players. They manage their tables superbly, welcoming you as you join it, announcing the time for bets, and calling out the numbers and cards as they are revealed.

7Red Live Casino consists of 3 games at the present time - Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. More are planned for later this year. Each game lets you choose from a selection of tables, with different limits and dealers.

There’s always a VIP table available with higher limits. A cute feature is the ability to preview the dealer before joining the table. The Baccarat and Roulette tables display the recent draws (last 24 and last 19 respectively).

There’s something electric in hearing every sound around the table, at the very moment it’s produced. The voice of the dealer, the noise of the casino in the background, the drawing of the card and the ball dropping on the roulette wheel. The experience is intense, even intimate, down to the expressions on the dealer’s face. You see her every move, down to the smallest detail as she exchanges a word with her colleague, brushes her hand across her hair, smiles and laughs.

You control your viewpoint. Stand directly over the roulette wheel, put the dealer in full screen view or have the virtual table alongside the live video images. All the game information you need is available. No need for pencil and paper.

In summary, 7Red Live Casino gives you the real casino with its sounds, girls and atmosphere, all instantly available day and night. All the excitement of the casino, with no need to leave the office, the family or the home, no travel, no gas, no parking and no need to get dressed up.

Once you’ve tasted the experience of 7Red Live Casino, you will come back!

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